1. Overview Roadmap by the partners

  • CVO Leuven- Landen (Belgium)
September 2011: implementation of the following steps: Questionnaire, motivation interview, study groups
September 2012 : workshops, study plan
  • Komvux Södervarn (Sweden)
Registration of the learners by external office. This registration is not sufficient. At the start of the courses there is an observation week to divide the learners in equal groups. There are several study groups. The dropouts go to a special course in the second chance school. Counseling is business of the teacher. It is not organized by the center.
  • CNAI (Spain)
There is an interview at registration (intake language biography). The intake is bigger. This means more questions than before. The questionnaire is used in an individual conversation between the learner and the teacher. The teachers got a course on mentoring. This is the reason why counseling improved.
  • Laerdansk (Denmark)
There is a questionnaire to be completed 2x/year (not possible for level 1, it starts at level 2). This is an evaluation of how the learners are learning. There are reading and writing workshops 2x/week. These workshops are permanent.
  • Lodz School of English (Poland)
Registration is very important. There is 1 observation week. Changing of group is very easy in this week. Afterwards changes are more formal (with application). The workshops are once a week 2 hours of consultation. During the workshops the learners get help with their studyplan (to be implemented as soon as possible). A questionnaire will be implemented in February and at the end of the year there will be an evaluation.
  • Osmaniye (Turkey)
There is an advise map for the Turkish learners in other countries.