A summery of the students´opinions about guidance
  • It´s important to have friends and contacts when you come to a new country. That´s the best way to get information and help.
  • It´s important to have a clear idea about your goals before you ask for guidance. It´s a waste of time to go there unprepared.
  • In Sweden and Denmark the students got personal guidance, but it was focused on their language skills.
  • Both in Sweden and in Denmark the society puts to much emphasis on the language skills. If you don´t know the language like a native you´re considered a second class citizen, no matter how much education you have.
In Belgium it´s important to learn two new languages before you enter the labour market.
  • Often your education isn´t worth anything when you come to a new country. It takes a long time to evaluate, for example six month to evaluate in Denmark for a Polish student.
  • In Turkey no formal guidance is available. In this particular school the try to seize everyone´s talent. More and more people come to school since they have been informed word of mouth.
  • The teatment of the teachers is important. It´s very important not to be treated as a child but as an adult with knowledge and experiences in your luggage.
  • It´s important to get to know about the culture at the same time as the language.

Karin Södergren
Annika Hansen
Komvux Malmö Södervärn