Thursday 30 September

Arrival of the partners
- CVO Leuven-Landen (Belgium):
- Laerdansk Odense (Denmark)
- Komvux Malmö Södervärn (Sweden)
- Vali Zubeyir Kemelek Kirsal Kalkinma ve Sosyal Gelisim Merkezi (Turkey)
- County Dublin VEC (Ireland):
- Studium Języka Polskiego dla Cudzoziemców Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego

20.30h - 23.00h: Welcome dinner
at Restaurant Castillo de Gorraiz

Friday 01 October

8.45h departure Hotel Yoldi

9.00h – 14h: First meeting:
9.00h: Introduction by Dorinda Dekeyser and Pedro Cardeñosa
9.10h: Presentation of the partners
10.00h: The project: general idea, objectives of the meeting, administration
11.15h: Short break
11.30h: The project application: content, objectives, activities
12.45h: Visit the Regional Department of Educación

14.00h – 15.30h: Lunch at Café con Sal

15.30h – 18.00h: Second meeting
15.30h: Wikisystem to communicate- Expert presentation
(Joachim Quandt)
16.15h: Presentation of existing counseling methods ( each partner make a presentation of his/her country)
17.30h: short break
17.45h: Time sheet of the future meetings and places
18.30h: End of the day

18.00h – 20.00h: Free time
20.00h - 23.30h: Aperitif and Dinner. Otano at the Town Centre

Saturday 02 October

8.45h: departure hotel Maissonave

9.00h – 14.00h: Third meeting (Finances and administrative matters)
9.00h: Welcome by Pedro Cardeñosa
9.10h: The project application: activity planning table, distribution of tasks
10.35h: Short break
10.45h: Evaluation and dissemination
11.30h: Discussion of the items
12.00h: Finances of the project
13.00h: Practical and administrative matters

14.00h – 15.30h: lunch at restaurant Niza

15.30h – 17.30h Guided visit of Pamplona

20.00h: Dinner at Sidrería Kalen Gora

Sunday 03 October

9.30h: Departure to Olite

10.20h: Guided visit of Olite Caves (with Wine tasting), Castle and Church

14.30h: Lunch in local restaurant

16.15h: Departure to Lumbier

16.45h: Working session: Final discussion of items

17.45h: Walk vist to Lumbier Gorge

20.00h: Final dinner and wine testing in cave at Olite

Monday 04 October

Departure of the guests