Message sent by Dorinda on March introducing the Brussels Meeting and Workshops:

"dear partners
in a few weeks we'll meet in Turkey for yet another sunny and overwhelming meeting. I'm sure Mustafa and Hüsein will prepare some nice cultural and gastronomical events, but we also will have to work a bit. First of all each partner will give an overview of what has happened since our last meeting in Odense (so from October till March), second we'll have to think about the meeting in Brussels and especially about the colloquium on June 8th. We foresee half a day (from 9.00 till 13.00), with interactive workshops, a keynote speaker, some people from the NA, .... In attachment you'll find the draft of the colloquium's agenda. The colloquium will be attended by teachers/counselours/language experts/ fieldworkers/ ... Each workshops should last 45 minutes and will be presented twice. It might be useful to discuss the content of these workshops in your institution before we gather in Osmaniye, so we can have some brainstorm sessions and hopefully end with a kind of template for each workshop.
I'm very much looking forward to meet you all!

Final meeting Belgium 6- 9 June
Wednesday 6
Arrival of the participants (some of them at least)

Thursday 7
9.30 coordinators’ meeting at CVO, Redingenstraat 90, Leuven (for a map
9.45– 12.00 introduction Huis van het Nederlands (House of Dutch) and CBE (Centre for Basic Education)
12.00 lunch break
14.00 – 16.00 try-out workshops/ coordinators’ meeting
16.00 – 18.00 free time
18.00 guided tour of the town hall
19.00 reception at the town hall
20.30 dinner at restaurant Mykene (

Friday 8
7.30 early breakfast, leaving for the station
8. 37 train to Brussels
9.00 colloquium Sleutels voor educatie – On the Right Track, Vlaams Parlement, Hertogsstraat 6, Brussels (
9.30 introduction to the projects
10.15 workshop 1 (How do I get on the right track in Sweden, Building bridges in Spain, Collaborative learning session in Denmark)
11.30 workshop 2 (How do I get on the right track in Sweden, Tips for foreigners learning Polish, Oplossingsgericht remediëren)
12.30 lunch and poster session
13.45 workshop 3 (Supportive education to learn Swedish as effectively and fast as possible, My first Spanish lesson, Motiverend coachen van NT2 cursisten)
15.00 plenary session
15.30 reception
16.00 free time and back to Leuven
19.30 dinner at restaurant De Klimop (Leuven) (

Saturday 9
9.00 – 11.00 coordinators’ meeting at Irish College (Leuven Institute)
11.00 YENN-walk (the course meal + drinks + guided tour)
15.00 free time
19.00 final dinner at restaurant Ulysses (Leuven Institute)

Links for the places:
The hotel:

the CVO, Centre for adults (Coordinator Dorinda' Centre):

the Vlaams Parlement (Flemish Parliament):

The restaurants: