Dear partners
in a few weeks we'll meet in Turkey for yet another sunny and overwhelming meeting. I'm sure Mustafa and Hüsein will prepare some nice cultural and gastronomical events, but we also will have to work a bit. First of all each partner will give an overview of what has happened since our last meeting in Odense (so from October till March), second we'll have to think about the meeting in Brussels and especially about the colloquium on June 8th. We foresee half a day (from 9.00 till 13.00), with interactive workshops, a keynote speaker, some people from the
NA, .... In attachment you'll find the draft of the colloquium's agenda. The colloquium will be attended by teachers/counselours/language experts/ fieldworkers/ ... Each workshops should last 45 minutes and will be presented twice. It might be useful to discuss the content of these workshops in your institution before we gather in Osmaniye, so we can have some brainstorm sessions and hopefully end with a kind of template for each workshop.
I'm very much looking forward to meet you all!


28 March: Arrival
Picking up from Adana airport:
Sweden (3 persons) 10.20, and Denmark (4 persons) at 10.20
Poland (1 person) 20.55
Spain (1 person) 17.35
Belgium (3 persons) 15.40

29 March:
09.00 leaving the hotel.
09.30 .10.30 welcome speech and osmaniye and center introduction.(Hatice Hanım)
10.30-11.00 Visit to several courses running in the center. Meeting a student and asking questions about their feelings and opinions about the center. Coordinators meeting Lunch at the center
13.30. 14.10 Experiencing the turkish course for illiterate ones, (Müjgan Poyraz) Tea break
14.30. 15.00 Tuskish superstitions, culture and education system
15.15- 17.15 Coordinators meeting. free time in the city center
19.00: Dinner ,at Biber Kebap

30 March
09.00: Departure Experiencing the English course (Çiğdem hanım) tea break Turkish Learning Workshop” at our center. (Çiğdem Hanım-Hüseyin Köksal) Coordinators meeting.

13.00-14.30 Lunch Lades Coordinators meeting. Return to the hotel

19.00-20.30 Dinner ,Enver usta

31 March
09.00 Departure
09.30:10.30 Visit to Kastabala City-Hierapolis,
10.45: 13.00 Karatepe Open Air Museum Visit, Karatepe : Visit to Weaving Carpet Center, (Lunch) Aykut Bey
16.00: 18.30: Return to the hotel.
19.00-21.00 Farewell Dinner. (Köşk restaurant)

Departure of 2 Belgian Colleagues: at 11.00

1 April

Sweden (3 persons), and Denmark (4 persons) at 11.00 at Adana airport.
Poland (1 person) 13.40

Spain (1 person) 09.50
Belgium (1 person) (Dorinda): 11.00

Mustafa Efe 00 90 538 392 56 76 Hüseyin Köksal 00 90 505 258 24 78 24 hours availableJJ

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